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7 days, 6 nights “Full Cambodia” Tours

  • Start from Siem Reap 
  • BengMelea 
  • Koh ker 
  • TbengMenchay 
  • Stung Treng 
  • Kratie 
  • Kampong Cham 
  • Kampong Thom
  • Back to Siem Reap
7 days, 6 nights “Mekong Tours” Tours

Day 1 : Siem Reap-Beng Melea Temple-Preah Khan Kompong Svay

We depart on a dirt road to BengMelea temple, located 60 kilometres away, and makde some small stops along the way.  BengMelea temple is thought to be the prototype for Angkor Wat and is situated on the old Angkorian highway that connects to the Great Preah Khan of Kampong Svay. It has over 11 galleries and is filed with hanging ferns and butterflies – just what you imagined you would find in Cambodia!

We continue on to SvayLeu, 15 kilometres away from BengMelea, to visit their small market and take a quick coffee break. Then we travel on a flat road to Koh Ker through pristine forest to reach the small town of Seyiong. The Koh Ker complex is located 12 kilometres away from here, a total of 118 temples to explore at your own pace.

Travel onwards to visit Prasat 5 (5 Temple), Prasat Chen (Chinese Temple) PrasatKamou (Black Temple), Lingapura – the City of the Lingas, the haunting Elephant temple and a host of other ancient temples before returning to our overnight accommodation. We stay in the small village of Koh Ker in the Hidden Cambodia Lodge. The lodge is in the center of this ancient village, home to 75 families.

Day 2 : Koh Ker-Tbengmean Chey-Laos Cambodia Border

We have breakfast at the lodge and continue further north to the Laos-Cambodian border. Before Stung Treng, we take a turn and arrive at the village of SvayTrung. Following lunch, we travel onwards to SrokChep, 50 kilometres away, and on to Kampong Sralao, 70 kilometres away, through beautiful jungle and small villages. We arrive at a picturesque small town, located on the Mekong and directly across from Laos. We stay overnight in a guest house along the bank of the river.

Day 3 : Laos Cambodia Border-Stung Treng

After breakfast, we cross the river into Laos to explore their markets. We return to our guesthouse to get on our bikes and head out to a secret waterfall. We continue on to Ang Long Saut, part of the “Thousand Islands”. We board a boat with the motorbikes and see dolphins and continue towards the Laos border.

We ride the bikes to Stung Treng, about 70 kilometres. We check into a hotel, leave the motorbikes, and then do a bicycle tour the countryside and see traditional noodle making and silk farm. We arrive at a river and kayak to an island where we see people making sticky rice in bamboo. We kayak back to Stung Treng city.

Day 4 : Stung Treng-Kratie Province

We head to Kratie, a relaxing town on the shore of the Mekong river. We meet local people, sit along the river, and enjoy the sun setting over the river. If there is time, we will travel to Kampi, 20 kilometres north, to see dolphins.

Day 5 : Kratie Province-Kompong Cham

We head out to Kampong Cham, stopping at a local restaurant along the way to have lunch. In Kampong Cham, we check in to our hotel and take a quick break before a short city tour.   

Day 6 : Kampong Cham-Kompong Thom

We explore Kampong Thom some more and make a special visit to PrasatKuhNokor, a Buddhist temple in the village of TrodocPoung. This temple was built in 10th -11th century by the king Suryavarman I. It is part of the Wat KuhNokor Pagoda. We have lunch in Local restaurant and then visit Phnom Santuk, a sacred cultural site in Ko Koh village that houses a monastery with a reclining Buddha statue.

Day 7 : Kompong Thom-Sombo Preykuk-Back To Siem Reap

Following breakfast, we travel to see Sombo PreyKub jungle temple, Will take us 3 hours go to there and back for lunch time, After lunch we will continue to Siem Reap by bus because Road#6 is busy. 

Details :

Departure : 7:30 am

Return : 5:00 pm

Price :

  • $1,250.00 per person ( for 1 person travelling )
  • $890.00 per person ( for 2 people travelling )


  • Experienced guide
  • self-drive a 125cc motorbike
  • helmet
  • gas
  • all entrance fees and accommodation
  • bottled water
  • snacks
  • kayak
  • 6 breakfasts
  • 7 lunches 
  • 6 dinners
Map 7 days, 6 nights “Mekong Tours” Tours Tour